Composite Fillings

A filling is a material bonded to a tooth to restore missing parts of the tooth’s structure. A composite filling is tooth colored.

Dentures, Partials and Implant Stabilized Dentures

A denture is a way to replace several teeth. A full upper denture or lower denture is an option if all of the teeth are missing in an entire arch. A partial denture is an option for people who have missing teeth in one arch, but not all teeth in the arch are missing. A partial will fit against the existing teeth, which will help it stay in place.


A crown is a restorative material that completely covers the remaining tooth structure. It is placed to restore missing parts of the tooth, to add strength, or to improve the appearance of a tooth. West River Dental mills their own CEREC, or ceramic, crowns in the office so they can be placed the same day!


A bridge is an option for missing teeth. It is a crown that is bonded to neighboring teeth to increase the chewing surface and looks like a natural tooth.


An extraction is a surgical procedure to remove a tooth or part of a tooth such as a retained root tip. They are usually extracted due to extensive decay, infection, or a broken tooth that cannot be restored by other means.

Laser Dentistry

A laser is usually used for the gum tissue to remove excess tissue, do biopsies, or used in oral surgery.


A veneer is bonded to the existing tooth structure to replace and cover the front of the tooth to improve shape, appearance, or length.


Custom fit trays are made in the dental office by taking impressions of the teeth to make a mold. The trays are then formed around the mold and trimmed to fit comfortably. The trays are used at home with whitening gel to whiten the teeth.

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